Why your brand should switch to sustainable packaging

As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, it’s up to brands to adopt responsible, sustainable practices such as eco-friendly packaging. 

It’s time to take sustainability seriously

Sustainability is the word on everybody’s lips right now. Christmas was a prime example of the shift towards being more eco-friendly, with many opting for recyclable brown Kraft paper gift wrap over the formerly popular glossy or glittery designs. 

The Japanese practice of wrapping gifts in reusable fabric (known as Furoshiki) also popped up all over Instagram last year, proving yet again that many of us are seeking sustainable alternatives. With consumers making these changes, we believe that brands need to as well. 

Packaging is a common complaint among the eco-friendly, whether it’s because the material isn’t recyclable or there’s simply too much of it! Nestlé recently unveiled new, recyclable paper packaging for their Smarties chocolate bars, which goes to show that it’s not just boutique, independent brands that are taking sustainability seriously.   

At Brockpac, we take sustainability seriously too. We have a range of eco-friendly packaging options that can be customised to reflect your brand. As your customers look to you to help them lead more environmentally conscious lives, we can give you the tools you need to implement smart, sustainable practices.  

Why sustainability is a win for your brand

With consumers making more ethical and sustainable choices, they’ve started to seek out brands that share their values. In fact, recent surveys have shown that shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that use environmentally friendly packaging.

Being known as an ethical company that takes its impact on the environment seriously will build trust in your brand and help to set you apart from the competition.

Talk to us about sustainable packaging

At Brockpac, we can supply a wide range of bespoke eco-friendly packaging, including eCommerce packaging, jewellery boxes and even takeaway food containers

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