Ways to maximise your Christmas packaging without the waste

We’re sure that store owners will want to make the Christmas shopping experience extra special for their customers this year, which is why we’re sharing some tips for maximising your festive packaging without creating extra waste.

Beautiful packaging without the waste

We can all agree that Christmas last year was a very different experience for everyone. Although stores were open for business, many cautious shoppers opted to do their gift-buying online. As the UK opens back up, it’s safe to say that many retailers will be gearing up for an enthusiastic return to high street. 

Rather than ordering a load of Christmas retail bags that will end up getting binned or shoved in the back of a cupboard for next year, there are a few simple touches that will add a splash of festive cheer to your current bags.

A red ribbon tied to the handle of a brown paper bag is a classy and cost-effective way to add a bit of “ho ho ho” without creating unnecessary waste. Plus, as they’re not overtly Christmassy, they can be used throughout the year (especially great for occasions like Valentine’s Day). 

Stickers that feature your logo in Christmas colours are another lovely and budget-friendly option (they also require very little storage space, so any leftovers can easily be kept for next year). Metallic or festive patterned tissue paper is low-cost but high-impact – a simple way to maximise visual appeal and add a luxe feel to every purchase. 

Let the packaging experts at Brockpac make this a very merry Christmas

With our range of beautiful bespoke retail packaging and accessories, you’re sure to find everything you need to wow your customers this Christmas. For the essentials, the extras, and the finishing touches, it’s got to be Brockpac. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 007126.

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