Unboxing videos: what are they and why should you take notice?

Unboxing videos, as the name suggests, are simply videos that feature someone unwrapping the packaging of a recent purchase and talking the viewer through what’s inside. They are popular with influencers of all ages and showcase items such as toys, beauty products and luxury fashion.

Packaging gives customers their very first taste of what your brand is about. Stylish and distinctive packaging that perfectly reflects your brand will make a lasting impression on your customers and quickly become a valuable part of your marketing mix.

Screenshots of influencer videos
Credit from L-R: Amelia Liana, Lydia Elise Millen, Fleur De Force

The huge popularity of unboxing videos only serves to drive this point home. Beauty and luxury fashion influencers such as Fleur De Force and Lydia Millen regularly share their latest high-end handbag purchases in unboxing videos that clock over 200,000 views.

In these videos, the packaging becomes almost as important as what’s inside. Influencers will comment on the luxe feel of the materials, savouring the experience of untying ribbons and peeling back layers of tissue paper. It all becomes a part of the “high-end” experience, contributing to the joy of owning a luxury item.

A great way to showcase a wide range of products

It’s not just luxury fashion and beauty products that enjoy their time in the limelight. Ryan Kaji (with the help of his parents) runs the massively successful children’s YouTube channel, Ryan’s World, where he regularly shares toy unboxing videos with his 29.5 million subscribers. For companies, this not only means a lot of eyes on their products but their packaging too.

Is your brand ready to get the spotlight?

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