Sustainable packaging - it’s about more than the materials you use

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) recently taking place in Glasgow, sustainability continues to be the word on everybody’s lips. 

A recent survey from the beginning of this month has revealed that almost 1/5 of consumers would not continue to purchase from an online retailer who failed to provide sustainable packaging for their products. With businesses and consumers both experiencing an increased sense of environmental responsibility, it’s clear that customers are more likely to support a business that they can trust to deliver on their eco-friendly promises.

Now more than ever it’s worth asking, what does ‘sustainability’ really mean?

Truly sustainable packaging is about more than just the materials you use. Of course, switching to recyclable, reusable or biodegradable resources is a great step towards achieving an environmentally friendly production process. However, this can become somewhat counterproductive when resources are used inefficiently or to excess. Our recent blog discussed how the growing trend of unboxing videos amongst online influencers is making packaging almost as exciting as the product. However, in the eyes of the conscious consumer, less really is more. 

Selling online won’t make your packaging invisible

It’s not just those who display their products in store who have to worry about whether their packaging could be the difference between a customer picking up their product or the nearest competitor's. With online shopping continuing to rise, it seems the pandemic has altered consumer behaviour for the foreseeable. How products are packaged for delivery is a further challenge facing those in eCommerce.

By focusing on unbeatable quality and innovative designs, we can work with you directly to streamline your packaging, providing tailored options that refuse to compromise on style or practicality. 
We can help you to create your own bespoke packaging that increases sustainability and appeals to the masses. We have worked with clients like Shrimps, a cruelty-free, quality fashion brand, to produce eye-catching eCommerce shipping boxes that are so unique in themselves that they need little more to set them apart. With cleverly designed, minimalist packaging that features your unique branding, you can keep your customers happy and your brand identity intact. 

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