Overcoming the challenges of eCommerce packaging

Anyone who runs an eCommerce business will have faced at least one of the following packaging challenges. Here's how to overcome them.

Minimising waste

We’ve all ordered something online and had it arrive in a giant box with loads of unnecessary plastic packaging inside. There was a time when this may have been more widely accepted, but today’s consumer is more environmentally conscious than ever before. Excess packaging and unnecessary use of plastic are big turn-offs for a lot of shoppers. 

The challenge for online retailers is packaging products in a way that ensures the product arrives safely, while minimising waste as much as possible. 

Another important consideration is getting the right size shipper for your product. Not only does this prevent unnecessary voids that allow the product to move around during transit, but it helps to provide a neat unboxing experience. Think of it this way: if a product doesn’t fit snugly inside its shipping packaging, it looks the same to the consumer as a product that doesn’t properly fit on the store shelf.  

Did you know: According to DHL, more than 24% of eCommerce packaging is empty space! 

Making an impact

eCommerce packaging needs to offer a new type of “shelf presence” – a plain cardboard box isn’t going to make an impact. Eye-catching graphics and distinctive branding will help to elevate a customer’s unboxing experience. Discover how packaging can be an important part of your brand identity here.

At Brockpac, we offer a vast range of packaging products that can be fully customised with different colour and branding options. Bespoke packaging is an easy way to make an impact and make a great first impression with new customers.

Brockpac top tips: 

Add a splash of colour to your shipping boxes or seal your packages with company branded tape. Wrap individual or delicate products in custom tissue paper (available in a range of colours and patterns, with the option to add your logo) and finish with a branded sticker.

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Making sure products arrive safely

On average, an eCommerce package is handled 20 times* more frequently than shop-purchased goods. With each touchpoint, the risk of damaging products and packaging rises significantly. Extra care should be taken to ensure products are packaged safely, in order to avoid damage during transit.

*Source: Packaging Europe

What’s the answer?

Working with a packaging specialist is the easiest way to overcome these challenges. At Brockpac, we design and supply sustainable, protective eCommerce packaging that can be fully customised to incorporate your brand story and create an unboxing experience that will wow your customers.    

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