Our experts give their top tips on optimising packaging

Make sure your packages fit through letter boxes this Christmas with this handy guide

In a world of companies wanting to cut down on packaging for environmental and economic reasons, over-packing is still a big issue; consumers want their packages to fit through letter boxes without revealing the concealed product, and with that comes pressure from companies to choose exactly the right amount of packaging. This Christmas, check out our quick guide of how to approach this conundrum and get the best out of your packaging

Be aware of when to over-pack

A big worry for consumers at Christmas is that surprises will be spoilt by gifts’ packaging. To compensate, many computers place these gifts in much bigger boxes just to avoid complaints. Be aware of when to upscale the packaging and not though: if the gift is still anonymous, there’s no need to place it in a bigger box.

Expand box size options

The biggest problem with over-packing is that by placing small items in bigger boxes, it’s harder to deliver, and suddenly consumers are receiving “Sorry we missed you” cards for gifts that would have fit through their letter box. By having a few more box size options though, you can eliminate a lot of these problems, as well as the problem of small packages sliding around in bigger boxes.

Comply with Royal Mail guidelines

Check the Royal Mail Pricing In Proportion sizes when it comes to the weight, length, width and thickness of packages, a this will optimise shipping costs and give you a better idea as to whether the packages will fit through a letter box.

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