Novel tea steeped in packaging innovation

Tea of a Kind bottles available in a unique one-bottle four-pack are capped by the pressurized Vessl closure and delivery device that preserves the functional ingredients and actively disperses the contents.

Eco-friendly Packaging for Tea

Tea is both a product and a beverage steeped in history and traditions both ancient and new.

And while it traces its roots back to more than a millennia BC, creative and entrepreneurial types continue to reinvent it for a new generation of devotees using exclusive sources, unusual flavors and of course novel packaging. Exemplary of the latter is a new packaged format from Vessl, Inc. Tempe, AZ, when its Tea of a Kind (TOAK) brand introduced a one-of-a-kind “Eco 4-Pack” that may be the most unusual multipack of tea or any beverage that you’ve seen: It doesn’t have four bottles.

Instead, it’s a one-bottle four-pack that delivers four 16-oz servings.

How is that possible?

The single water-filled bottle is sealed with a patented, pressurized “Vessl” cap that contains liquid ingredients comprising all-natural flavors, real brewed tea and powerful antioxidants. The concentrated liquid is preserved inside an oxygen depleted, nitrogen-flushed and pressurized Vessl cap that’s sealed to protect the freshly brewed tea against UV light and oxidation that typically degrade flavor, color, aroma and antioxidants’ potency in traditional ready-to-drink bottled teas.

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