Minimise waste with bespoke packaging

Packaging made especially for your products means that you’re only using what you need. Bespoke packaging is great for recycling, as our experts explain.


Waste packaging is an issue that faces a lot of businesses and brands. By offering packaging tailored specifically to your needs, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste you create.

Tailor gift boxes to specific products

One of life’s little satisfactions is finding a box for a product that fits perfectly. This is something that you can do when you invest in tailor-made boxes, ensuring that there’s no more waste than absolutely necessary.


Gifts that fit perfectly inside their boxes are also less likely to break in transit; therefore as well as being an environmentally friendly option, tailored gift boxes have benefits for your customers.

Choose retail bags based on product sizes

Just as bespoke gift boxes are a good way to cut down waste, the retail bags that you supply with the gift itself can also be environmentally friendly. Selecting sizes for exactly what you need means an end to using bags that are far too big for your gifts, so you’ll only be using the bare minimum of what's required.


With such an emphasis in the public consciousness of reusability when it comes to bags, having a variety of size options specific to your products gives a good impression of your business.

Design the packaging as not to spoil the surprise

Trying to hide a surprise in a box clearly labelled with a brand is difficult. Every Christmas, stories hit the net about complaints of delivery companies leaving obvious packages in equally obvious places.


To combat this, many businesses place their clearly branded boxes in bigger, less-branded packaging to hide the gift, creating more wastage than is necessary. With Brockpac, you can design your packaging with discretion in mind should you wish, or even offer it as an option.

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