5 sustainable packaging trends for 2023

From your manufacturing process down to the way you transport products, every part of your business has an impact on its sustainability - and that goes double for your packaging.

The world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year, much of which ends up in the natural environment. Switching to more sustainable materials is an important step to reducing your business’s environmental impact.

As we look forward to 2023, here are some of the most up-to-date trends in sustainable packaging.

1) Less is more

Less packaging = less waste. Simple!

Minimalist packaging is about using as little material as possible to safely store and display your product. It’s a great idea for three reasons:

  • You produce less plastic and carbon emissions
  • You save money on excess materials
  • It allows for minimal, modern design work
  • It visually demonstrates the eco-friendliness of your brand

At Brockpac, we sell a wide range of slim, lightweight packaging for all types of products. Our food packaging, for example, is designed to minimise the amount of unnecessary plastic waste that comes from a normal takeaway.

2) Get creative with recyclable materials3

Recyclable materials like cardboard and paper are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Not only are they affordable, but they’re highly versatile and can be used to creatively package all types of products.

We recently produced an advent calendar for Nākd. Most advent calendars feature plastic within, but ours was made of 100% recyclable materials like cardboard and art card. The fun, eye-catching design proves that recyclable packaging doesn’t have to be boring!

3) Packaging you can use again and again

What’s better than recyclable packaging? Reusable packaging!

Reusable packaging refers to packaging made of sturdy, long-lasting materials, like glass and fabric. Not only does this kind of packaging cut down on the amount of waste going to landfill, but it helps promote your brand to a greater audience. Few people will use a flimsy plastic bag more than once, but a lot of people will reuse a high-quality branded tote.

Brockpac’s premium fabric bags can be fully customised with your business’s artwork and logos. Give your packaging a luxurious, eco-friendly touch while promoting your business at the same time!

4) Fuse luxury with sustainability

Who says luxury can’t be eco-friendly?

Long gone are the days when sustainable packaging was seen as cheap and fragile. Design innovations have allowed packaging to achieve a luxurious look and feel without compromising sustainability - for an example, take a look at the beautiful packaging we designed for high-end fashion brands lululemon, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger!

5) Skip packaging altogether!

Of course, the ultimate way to cut down on packaging waste is to get rid of packaging altogether. It’s not an option for every business, but it’s an excellent way of reducing your environmental impact if possible.

You’ve probably seen a few zero waste shops pop up on your high street in 2022. These shops encourage customers to bring containers from home to fill and refill with home essentials like wholefoods, cleaning products, and more. It’s an exciting new way to approach shopping, and it’s likely to grow even more prevalent over time.

Join the green packaging revolution

The green revolution shows no signs of slowing. Some of the biggest companies in the world are now switching to recyclable packaging - for example, LEGO have promised that all their packaging will be made from sustainably sourced materials by 2025. Now’s the perfect time to get onboard.

Along with the huge range of sustainable packaging we sell, we can carry out an in-depth sustainability audit of your packaging. Our experts can assess the current sustainability of your packaging and provide a full design refresh, transforming every element of your packaging.

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