5 sustainable packaging trends for 2020

As we’re at the half way stage of the year, we take a look at which sustainable packaging trends of 2020 are worth looking into. 

1)    Companies review their plastic packaging pledges

In the last few years, the understanding of how plastic harms the environment has become prevalent. In response to this awareness, companies of all shapes and sizes pledged to change their ways and cut down, or stop altogether, their use of plastic packaging. This year seems to represents a waymark for these companies as they are making a thorough assesment of their progress to establish whether or not they are on track to hit their targets.  

2)    Packaging made from recyclable materials 

From coffee cups made from bamboo to carrier bags made from potatoes, the big trend emerging in 2020 is packaging made from alternative materials. While such innovation can be incredibly positive, not to mention fun, some alternatives can, in fact, cost the environment more in terms of carbon emissions. Companies exploring alternatives will therefore need to carefully consider their overall environmental impact. 

3)    Multi-use packaging 

Another popular trend of 2020 is developing packaging that has more than one use, effectively eliminating those nasty single use plastics. For example, Air New Zealand is trailing edible coffee cups, Champagne brand Lanson are launching boxes that can double as speakers, and sports brand Puma plans to drop its cardboard shoe boxes entirely in favour of a reusable bag. 

4)    The minimalist packaging approach 

Companies adopting the minimalist packaging approach, where as little material as possible is used to safely store and display their product, are typically successful on two fronts. The first is that they reduce the use of every material they use for packaging, not only reducing their plastic use but their overall carbon emissions. The second allows them to create a highly modern brand whose very products shout ‘we’re eco-friendly’ from the shelves. 

5)    No packaging at all

Giant ecommerce stores have come under fire time and again for their excessive and unnecessary use of packaging. In response to this backlash, online retail giants Amazon have eliminated outer packaging from some of their products altogether and deliver the items in their original boxes with the delivery label attached.  

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