4 ways to cut down on packaging and wastage this Easter

Packaging causes a lot of excess waste: our experts give their advice on ways you can reduce wastage and help to recycle with Easter gifts.

Every year, packaging causes a lot of excess waste. There are always ways that you can cut down on this though; it’s important to consider how you can help the planet and reduce packaging where necessary, so read on for our top tips for reducing packaging waste this Easter.

Use recyclable materials

One of the biggest concerns of any business should be how much of their packaging will end up in landfill. Choosing paper and cardboard based packaging is a good way to alleviate the landfill strain and opting for eco-friendly fabric bags can be a good way to do your bit to recycle too.

Expand your box size options

Is your product too big for one box but too small for another? It’s a delicate balance sometimes, and ultimately, putting a small gift in a box that’s far too big is going to result in unnecessary wastage. Expand the size options for your boxes and you can avoid having too much space in a big gift box.

Cut down on plastic

Plastic is all around us. It’s almost impossible to avoid in consumerism, but slowly and surely, it’s being phased out. Cutting down on plastic as much as you can really reduces waste, and can help to do a little more for the environment.

Know when to overpack

One of the biggest gift dilemmas for companies is whether to overpack. There are a lot of complaints that come from consumers about gift boxes that are obviously labelled, which can spoil the surprise. In response, many companies overpack their goods. Just be aware though of when to upscale and when not to. If the gift is still anonymous, there’s no need to choose a bigger box.

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