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Packaging Trends for 2023: Emphasising Sustainability

The world is becoming more conscious of its impact on the environment. Consumers are increasingly looking for products and packaging that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and businesses are taking notice. Packaging trends are shifting to reflect these changing values, and companies are looking for new ways to reduce waste and make their packaging more sustainable.

date: 16-02-2023
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5 sustainable packaging trends for 2023

From your manufacturing process down to the way you transport products, every part of your business has an impact on its sustainability - and that goes double for your packaging.

date: 10-11-2022
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How to inject some luxe appeal into your packaging

Your packaging is the first impression your customers will get of your brand. So, it follows that if you’re a luxury brand, your packaging should reflect that. That’s where we come in.

date: 09-08-2022
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Get ready for wedding season with branded packaging accessories

Wedding season is fast approaching, and it’s set to be an even busier time than ever, given the number of nuptials that were postponed as a result of the pandemic. 

date: 03-05-2022
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How to make your packaging the jewel in your crown

With bespoke jewellery boxes, luxury gift bags, and even branded accessories like tissue paper and labels, you can give your customers and unrivalled retail experience. 

date: 20-04-2022
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An insight into our bespoke packaging design process

You’re here, which means you’ve already discovered the beauty of Brockpac! We like to do things a little differently, because how will your products ever stand out if everyone's packaging looks the same? 

date: 02-02-2022
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How our printing techniques can transform your packaging

Despite our business being boxes, we like to think outside them.   As one of the first things a consumer sees, a product’s packaging speaks for what’s inside. Everybody wants their product to stand out, but are you truly aware of the full range of packaging possibilities?   

date: 17-12-2021
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Sustainable packaging - it’s about more than the materials you use

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) recently taking place in Glasgow, sustainability continues to be the word on everybody’s lips.   

date: 16-11-2021
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