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New year, new start… Go Eco for 2020

With a new year and new decade on the horizon, it’s about time your brand went green – and Eco-friendly packaging is a great, and easy, place to start! With the right processes and know-how, environmentally friendly packaging can be just as luxurious and bespoke to your brand as regular packaging.

date: 27-11-2019
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Have you got your luxury Valentine's Day packaging ready?

Did you know Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day of the year for sending cards and gifts? Over 25 million cards are sent here in the UK alone and over a billion in America? That’s a lot of packaging!

date: 19-11-2019
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Bespoke Gift Box Packaging for Hugo Boss

The Client:    We were approached by prestigious brand Hugo Boss recently to create a bespoke packaging box for a special coin pouch and USB stick. This box was to made exclusively for just twenty customers and had a strict turnaround time.

date: 10-04-2019
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Minimise waste with bespoke packaging

Packaging made especially for your products means that you’re only using what you need. Bespoke packaging is great for recycling, as our experts explain.

date: 21-03-2019
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4 Ways to cut down on packaging and wastage this Easter

Packaging causes a lot of excess waste: our experts give their advice on ways you can reduce wastage and help to recycle with Easter gifts.

date: 13-02-2019
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Tips for packaging that can enhance your Valentine’s Day gifts

Our experts discuss how you can embrace the perfect packaging this Valentine’s Day

date: 08-01-2019
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Top tips for preparing for Christmas

Our packaging experts divulge their secrets for getting super festive

date: 20-12-2018
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Our experts give their top tips on optimising packaging

Make sure your packages fit through letter boxes this Christmas with this handy guide

date: 29-11-2018
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