Shrimps Luxury Clothing Boxes


When Shrimps, a high-end fashion label, needed new bespoke boxes in which to package their products they asked our luxury packaging specialists to help.

The Client 

Founded in 2013 by London-based designer, Hannah Weiland, Shrimps is a high-end fashion label specialising in cruelty free fashion. When they needed new boxes in which to package their clothing and accessories in a way consistent with their stylish brand, they asked Brockpac to help. 

The Solution 

Together, we came up with a stunning custom crisp white box with matching lid personalised with Shrimps’ distinctive branding. Our packaging technicians built the box’s base with a double inner wall to give it a more robust and luxurious look and feel.

The outside of the lid was deliberately kept simple, with only the clients’ eye-catching logo embossed in the centre, printed in CMYK. Both the box and lid was lined with special, off-white art paper wrap that features Shrimps’ unique designs and was printed in pantone black, giving the whole packaging an appealing, rustic matt finish that contrasted with the bright logo perfectly.

The Design Process

In order to create this unique packaging, Shrimps sent us a template of what they wanted and together, we made a few tweaks to get it exactly right. To ensure we got the packaging perfect, we sent Shrimps a sample of the box, which they loved, and the paper lining in a bright white and off-white version. Shrimps had originally asked for a bright white lining but actually preferred our suggestion of the off-white and went with it for their entire order. 

The Result 

Shrimps is delighted with their stunning boxes and are excited by the extra special shopping experience the personalised packaging will give their customers. The embossed logo stands out perfectly from the white background, drawing the eye directly to it, and complements the box’s unique lining. These two elements combine perfectly to ensure the brand is instantly recognisable, reminding the customer of Shrimps each and every time they look at the packaging.  

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